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The City of Forest Lake requires businesses and residents to obtain licenses or permits for certain activities.  All solicitors are required to be registered with the City prior to going door-to-door. Below is a list of various permit and license applications.  Click on the heading in the left column to select the type of permit or license application you are looking for.  

If you have questions regarding what permits or licenses are required for your event, business, or activity, please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 651-209-9732.

NOTE:  Applications for permits / licenses should be submitted at least 30 days prior to final issuance

                                        (Alcohol license applications should be submitted at least 60 days prior to final issuance)

  1. Adult Oriented Business
  2. Circus-Carnival-Exhibition
  3. Gambling Temporary
  4. Garbage Rubbish Hauler
  5. Liquor Licensing
  6. Massage Therapist Individual
  7. Massage Therapist Location
  8. Outdoor Entertainment
  9. Pawnbroker
  10. Peddler-Solicitor-Transient Merchant
  11. Tobacco Licensing

The Adult Oriented Business license is an annual license with required approvals by the City Council and Police Department.

Chapter 112 of the Forest Lake City Code regulates the requirements of the Adult Oriented Business license.

Application for Adult-Oriented Business (PDF)

Forest Lake City Code - Chapter 112: Adult-Oriented Businesses