Refuse / Recycling


Waste, Recycling, Yard Waste, and Bulk Pick Up Service

For any customer inquiries please call 952-941-5174 or click the link below

Republic Services Customer Information

Republic Services Information

Republic Services provides the City of Forest Lake Refuse and Recycling services.  To set up your service or for any changes to your service, please contact Republic Services directly at:

952-941-5174  or

Please note the following information below which contains basic rates, county tipping fees, recycling fees,  and collection instructions.

Service Levels 

Waste is collected weekly and Recycling every other week (see the maps in the link that follows for your collection days).

Waste service has tiered pricing.  The base rate for 2023 is $9.01 plus the tipping fees charged by Washington County Recycling & Energy Center for different sized containers.  For more information on tipping fees, please go to the Ramsey/Washington County Recycling and Energy Center Website at:

  •  35-gallon     base rate $9.01 county tipping charge $5.95     TOTAL per month  $14.96
  •  65-gallon     base rate $9.01 county tipping charge $7.43     TOTAL per month  $16.44
  •  95-gallon     base rate $9.01 county tipping charge $8.92     TOTAL per month  $17.93

Additional carts can be added for $4.51 per month base rate and extra bags outside of your cart are charged at a rate of $3.00 per bag.

Recycling service has a flat rate of $5.82/month for 2023, and all residents will have a 95-gallon container. 

If you wish to have your 95-gallon waste container exchanged for a different size, please contact Republic Services at or 952-941-5174. Please include your name, address and desired container size in your email. 


Please make sure your containers are placed within 5 feet of the curb or roadside by 6:30 a.m. on your collection day. We recommend putting your containers out the night before. Please allow until 6 p.m. on your collection day for the driver to service your container.

Subscription Yard Waste Service 

Yard waste is offered as a subscription-based service for Forest Lake residents from April through November.  The yard waste season for 2023 begins the week of April 17.  If you wish to add yard waste, please contact Republic Services at 952-941-5174 or 

The rate includes one 95-gallon yard waste container for a fee of $15.00 per month. The cost for extra yard waste bags is $3.20 per bag.  Please contact Republic Services at

Subscription Valet Service

Valet service is offered as a subscription-based service for Forest Lake residents in the event of an injury or health condition (either permanent or temporary) and you cannot bring your refuse bins to the curb.  This service is only intended for health related conditions and an application must be approved by City Staff.  Please use the Valet Form Valet Services Form and return to the City.  Call 651-209-9732 with questions. 

Holiday Schedule 

We observe the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your pickup day falls on or after one of these holidays, it will be delayed by one day. For example, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 2, so your collection day that week will be delayed by one day, with Friday collections being collected on Saturday. 

Billing Policy 

Bills are sent quarterly with payments being made in advance of service being rendered. Your first quarterly bill will be for the months of August, September and October.
If you have questions or concerns regarding the above information, please contact Republic Services directly at: 952-941-5174 or